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Full details of scheduled server and network maintenance, software upgrades, and other important Service, Network, and Server Announcements are displayed below.

Cymnet Announcements - all years

High Load - (Chad) (Resolved)

This server is currently experiencing a high load which may be causing some issues with stability and access. The matter is currently under investigation and further information will follow as it becomes available. Thank you for your patience in this matter.

The high load has passed and all services have remained online.

Posted: 9 March 2014
By: Paul Dancey

FTP Attacks (Resolved)

We are aware of an ongoing attack towards FTP services on our network.

This attack consists of many connections being launched towards the FTP servers on multiple machines causing a denial of service style effort towards the FTP services. Users affected will be greeted with "421 - 25 users (the maximum) are already logged in, sorry" which will then reject the log in connection.

We have been working on mitigating these attacks, however the range of addresses being used to launch the attacks are very broad and as such this is proving challenging to determine which is and which isn't legitimate traffic.

As an alternative solution to uploading files via FTP, customers may use File Manager in cPanel to make small modifications and upload small files/bulk archive uploads.

We will continue working on the mitigation process and will update customers once we have more information.

It appears that the measures taken to mitigate this attack have been successful, and there has been no re-occurrence over the past 24hrs. We therefore regard this particular issue as resolved, but will of course continue to monitor the situation.

Posted: 7 February 2014
By: Paul Dancey

Network Maintenance (Completed)

Due to a potential issue on one of the network switches at our data center, we are performing unscheduled maintenance on the device. During this time you may experience some issues connecting to your server. We will keep you informed with further updates.

The issue with the network switch has been isolated and resolved, and everything should now be working normally. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this issue.

Posted: 29 January 2014
By: Paul Dancey

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